The Dauh Restaurant and Lounge


Opened in March 2007, the Dauh Restaurant continues to be a stylish destination for Indonesian and International dining in the heart of fashionable Seminyak area. Housed within The Kayana Seminyak Villa, the Dauh Restaurant is helmed by Mr. Kompyang Putra who has 25 years experience in Food and Beverage.

Signature Menu

At the first time when the Dauh Restaurant start to serve their customer it is well known as a modern Indonesian and International cuisine. With their Surf and Turf, selection of Pastas, sandwiches and many more. However, starting September 2015 Kompyang and his team start to add Balinese cuisine to the Dauh Restaurant menu. It makes a complete journey for our customer satisfaction. Since you are visiting the island of Gods you try Balinese dishes must be on your check list.

The Dauh Restaurant will serve all dishes on its extensive of chic and customized chinaware. Selection of wines from our wine menu to compliment the delectable cuisine it serves.

Fish Dabu Dabu

Our catch of the day favorite, Pan fried of a slice Snapper meat with assorted fresh spices and herbs. Ikan Dabu Dabu ( Spicy fish ) is originally from North Sulawesi. Known for it’s enormous richness of underwater sources in Indonesia and it’s spices . Fish lover will be much enjoying of this unique and healthy dish. A perfect combination of fresh ingredients and mild chilli-flavoury taste. It’s a composition of local spices, herbs and fresh chopped chilli as one mixture as it called Dabu- Dabu poured perfectly on top of a nice cut pan fried snapper fillet, served hot with steamed rice. Enjoy The Dauh Restaurant’s Fish Dabu Dabu A la Chef Kompyang.

Nasi Campur

Our Indonesian favorite, Nasi Campur (pronounced Nasee Champoor) or means “ Mixed Rice “ . Nasi Campur is one of the most popular Indonesian dish, it is an art of marinating with numerous combinations of flavours, the contents are vary from region to region Indonesia. The Dauh Restaurant’s nasi campur is offering you a mixture of all tasty and unique flavours dish in one plate. All designed in small portions consisting of marinated tender beef, grilled Fish, Soybean cakes,Tofu, a sliced of seasoning egg and top with sticks of Chicken satay and bread crumbed prawn. Served along with a mixed of blanched long bean vegetable in a grated coconut sauce , sambal matah and a mound of steam rice . You may imagine that nasi campur is like a tapas but eaten as a main instead of an appetizer.

Balung Bawi

Our traditional favorite, Grilled marinated Pork Ribs. One of Bali’s most popular dish is the Pork rib. Our Bali’s Chef and his team at The Kayana will take your memory back to the best time where this delicious homey recipe is made in the way of the balinese usually enjoyed, that seems nowadays rarely used in most of the restaurants. The Dauh restaurant’s Grilled Balung Bawi signature is using selected rack of local pork ribs and fresh ingredients of local spices and herbs specifically delivered from the home ground of the high land Bedugul hill – Tabanan in which is known for it’s quality.